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Corporate Wellness Coach

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Corporate Wellness, Sales Team Motivation, & Employee Life Coaching

In the daily lives in a corporate culture, we deal with deadlines, motivational drag, internal politics, working and personal relationships, disagreements, intra-office tribalism, and so many other challenges to group cohesion. The question is, how do we develop corporate wellness, sales team motivation, and the individual health of the members of our workforce?

The answer to this question is hard work, goodwill, and more hard work. The good news is that, unless our workplace culture is totally dysfunctional- chances are we have these things in place already. But we need more than the will to develop organizational health and actively working to promote it. We need a functional strategy. We need to get a realistic perspective on what is holding our teams back and what could hold them back in the future, and we need the right mindset to apply what we learn into the foreseeable future.

Here at Breakthrough Success in Vancouver, WA – we have developed a complete system for the development of team cohesion and success, sales motivation, and the promotion of the well being of the individual worker.


These are;

  • Corporate Wellness Coaching

  • Sales Team Motivation

  • Employee Life Coaching

  • Financial Wellness Training 

Our Corporate Wellness Coach program gives you meaningful perspective into common and actual problems working against the cohesiveness and productivity of our teams. Our Corporate Wellness Coach will give you the insights you need to spot problems, the tools to deal with those problems productively, and the team mindset necessary to ensure future productivity.


Our Sales Team Motivation program is a time tested set of tools and techniques to motivate sales teams to do more, push the boundaries of their capabilities, and to have a good time doing it. Working with sales teams is a lot like coaching an athletic team, and is therefore well within the wheelhouse of our founding counselor, Charles Verdugo.

Our Employee Life Coaching program is designed to promote the health and wellbeing of the individual employee. It’s about developing good coping skills, managing time, tending to the needs of self-care, including a comprehensive financial wellness program, as well as keeping work at work and personal stuff at home- and so much more.

These systems have been developed with the proven successes and techniques of world-class motivational speakers and personal development experts like Tony Robbins and others like him in mind. By refining time tested techniques and distilling them down to a no-nonsense method of insights and solutions- we have developed a real results system that is working right now and changing lives every day.

To learn more, and get started on changing your corporate culture for the better,

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