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Financial Life Coach

Image by Austin Distel

Is There a Place Where I Can Get Great Financial Coaching Near Me?

Today’s modern public school system is great in so many ways. However, as you are probably aware, there are many practical and necessary skills that kids are just not being taught in school- even in higher education! First and foremost among these missing skills is the ability to manage your own finances.

The first big mistake people make when it comes to money is assuming that managing it is a simple matter of arithmetic. We tell ourselves that all we need to do is make sure more goes into the bank than comes out and we’ll be all good. This is a serious mistake. But why?

The first reason is that managing money is largely about self-control. Once we indulge to the point that our savings is gone, the next big unexpected expense- even if it’s small- is enough to wipe us out. That’s bad. So we need the self-discipline to build that savings safety net every day.

But there’s more to it, of course. In today’s economies, managing credit is key to making investments and getting ahead on those investments. That means we need a Financial Life Coach to help us understand credit, compounding interest, debt and more as well as knowing how to manage financial temptations.

Here at Breakthrough Success in Vancouver, WA- our Financial Life Coach program is designed to help you identify trouble spots in your financial mindset and help you develop the perspective, the discipline, and the know-how to work through those problems and build a secure financial future for yourself and your loved ones.

Financial success is well within your reach. Get in touch with Breakthrough Success today to learn more.




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