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All workshops are delivered live onsite or via webinar  or a combination of both

Understanding Financial Wellness  

This workshop is an interactive experience that lays the foundation of the principles needed to be successful in personal finance. This interactive workshop encompasses the five principles of personal financial success and is a great starting point for your financial wellness program. Your employees will understand the importance of having a plan and see a path to reduce debt and build savings. More importantly, your team will feel empowered to take action! 

Duration: 45 minutes


Debt Reduction Strategy

In this workshop we help the participants with an easy ten-step strategy to get out debt and stay out of debt. The average family can pay off their debt in about 2.5 years. This process involves setting a plan to build savings at the same time. Imagine being debt free with a comfortable savings account. Most people believe they do not have enough income or the economy is somehow keeping them form attaining their goals.  Our workshop provides the steps and the motivation to change this belief.  We also provide one-on-one support for your teammates that would like to take action. The duration of  this workshop is usually about 30 minutes. You may want to allow 45 minutes for your employees to ask questions. We usually hangout as not everyone is comfortable asking their questions in front of the group.

Duration: 40 minutes


Savings Strategy

This is a fun workshop that helps the participants look ahead to see how slight changes can have a profound impact on their future. Most people feel they must have a lot of money to start saving. We will show your team how to take a bucket approach for short-term, Mid-term, and Long-term goals.  This workshop is an eye-opener and like the “Debt Strategy” workshop we will provide one-on-one support for your teammates that would like to take action. This is about 30 minutes you may want to allow 45 minutes for your employees to ask questions. 

Duration: 30 Minutes


Creating your plan - Budgeting

Financial Wellness begins with setting a plan. A plan that helps you to achieve your specific goal(s) We will provide the tools, training and support to take action on your Financial Wellness Journey. 

Duration: 30 minutes

Credit: Understanding Your Credit Score 

Whether you need to get a credit card, buy a car, take out a loan, or get a mortgage, it all depends on your credit score. If your score is too low it could affect your ability to obtain any of these things, or be the cause of having to pay higher interest rates for them. In this workshop we will discuss the below listed topics:

  • Understand your credit score and why it matters

  • How your credit score is it calculated.

  • How to get a copy of your credit reports.

  • How to improve, build or rebuild your credit and credit score.

  • Borrowing with confidence for  a one-time need or ongoing needs.

Duration: 45 minutes


Home Buying and Homeownership:

This workshop is co-facilitated by a licensed mortgage loan officer. We will discuss:

Homeownership and financial wellness, Knowing when to refinance, The home buying process from planning your home purchase to mortgage loan types and making an offer on your new home.

Duration: 60 minutes  


Protect Yourself Against Identity (ID) Theft

Protecting your personal information known as your identity, is an important part of your Financial Wellness.   In this workshop we will discuss: What is identity theft, The importance of protecting your identity, how to identify identity theft, and how you protect yourself against identity theft.

Duration:  30 Minutes   

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