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Online Wellness Coach

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Online Life & Wellness Coaching for the 21st Century

The human brain is the most complex object in the universe known to modern science- and the human mind is even more complex. So why is there a stigma about needing a little help figuring things out when most of us can’t even fix our own toaster ovens?


Today, so many people are struggling with health issues. Despite the fact that we have unlimited information readily available at our fingertips, we continue to make bad choices, eat poor quality food, shirk exercise, and engage in unhealthy activities. We don’t want to do these things, yet we fail to reign ourselves in and control our cravings and urges.


The truth is that self-control is like a muscle. It is a physical function built into our brains that requires fuel to work. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reach our goals, we have to carefully manage that resource. That means avoiding situations that lead to temptation. But it also means exercising self-control just as we would exercise the body- and it means getting rest and eating healthy food so that our self-control mechanism is strong and well.

Here at Breakthrough Success in Vancouver, WA – we know that many people don’t have the time or the resources to travel to a counselor’s office once a week or once a month. We also know that not everyone can afford face to face counseling. Fortunately, modern technology has laid a ready solution at our feet.


That’s why we have created our own Online Wellness Coach counseling service and an Online Life Coach service with Charles Verdugo Wellness Coach.

By combining the innovative counseling, teaching, and motivational methods that Charles has developed with the inspiration of world-class teachers like Tony Robbins, with the ready availability of electronic telecommunications- Breakthrough Success now brings you top quality life coaching and wellness coaching right to your home.


With our online wellness coaching and online life coaching, you’ll learn to strategically identify and understand the inner and outer roadblocks to achieving great health and success. Once you have these tools in hand, Charles will help you to strategically tackle those obstacles. You will learn techniques that get right to the point and work. There will be no beating around the bush that you get in mainstream psychology. We’re not interested in keeping you as a client interminably. We’re interested in your success and your endorsement with your friends and family.

Once you’ve developed the tools and the strategy you need to succeed, Charles will help you develop the mentality that will keep you working toward your goals for life. It’s about progress made practical.


Get in touch today to learn more.

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