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Mental Health Coach

Image by Tim Mossholder

Charles Verdugo: Life Coach & Mental Health Coach

In today’s mental health industry, people take years of counseling, they take psychoactive prescriptions- and sometimes they never achieve lasting wellness, and even become worse. The mental health industry is the only health field where they continue to do the same things over and over while the rates of mental illness continue to rise. Something is wrong here.


Here at Breakthrough Success in Vancouver, WA- our lead counselor and founder, Charles Verdugo Life Coach got tired of seeing people undergoing treatment for years, languishing in their problems and never getting better while spending thousands of dollars a year for the privilege.


That’s why Charles has developed a system for achieving lasting personal change. It is a system based on the proven techniques of success coaches like Tony Robbins and many others. As a Mental Health Coach, Charles helps his clients to develop a strategy for tackling one’s personal and emotional problems. Then he works with the client to obtain the right mindset to apply that strategy. Then he works with the client to put these strategies and mindsets into action and achieve real, lasting results.

Charles’ methods and techniques are specifically designed to put a laser focus on what is holding you back and to deliver working strategies to solve these problems. Then he helps the client to obtain a way of thinking that ensures initial successes are not one-off successes. It is a system for lasting results and lasting effects- for better mental health and total wellness for the long haul.


Here at Breakthrough Success – We’re not interested in obtaining your business for life. We’re interested in helping you overcome your obstacles and giving you the tools and knowledge you need to overcome future obstacles. Endless treatment is not an answer.

Call today to learn more, and set up your free initial consultation.

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